Saturday, July 14, 2012

::perlis indera kayangan::

Assalamualaikum dear friends!!!

huh...totally i'm landed at this beautiful country of you see that??Subhanallah i'm awe see this...eventhough i had see the same scenery this before at my own country at Sabah...but feeling this moment at perlis more preety wonderful!!!

We wait the group to fetch us at this checkpoint...we have lot spending time here..after made a painting at the wall and old gates nearly here...we took a snap of this beautiful picture...

after that,,
the group were here...its their turn to stay at our checkpoint and we use their bicycle...woww...I see Tuanku in front me..for the first time...we gave a respect as usual like the 'istiadat' at the television show...haha...what a experience!!

I want to share something too...i'm ride a double bicycle with my friend Nasuha...hahaha!!although we almost got a accident,,but we can control it safely..

i'm at the back of Nasuha..and she contol it at the front...i'm fully of fright control the bicycle at the back...hehe...

We ride together with Tuanku until the last checkpoint...I want to say this was the best moment that stay at this country of Negeri Perlis...

But...I'm miss soo much my family at Sabah...good news,,i'm going home this Aidilfitry to celebrate it together with my family..alhamdulillah...i'm calm now to wait the day next month...
However....i must focuss first with my assignment,,test,,ad etc...
but the most important is

tattaaa..i end my writting right now...
thanks for read this


  1. Salam, Kak Nana :)
    Selamat Maju Jaya! di negeri kampung sy. hehe ^^'