Friday, April 6, 2012

5 reason to get more sleep

Assalamualaikum eyeryone!!

There's no point today I gonna share with you today...but I will share you what I had done after faced my big examination (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) or it called SPM last year,,an exam that will bring all of us to the university,college or else(insyaAllah)...

And the result had came out last month..haha~..

my result like a leaf hanging at the old tree...but my friends told me that whatever we had got,,It was the best Allah gave it to us..agree???

Yaa sure I'm agree one hundred percents...because I had read about Allah will not forsed someone that they can't handle off...sooo...we have to trust to ourselves right...

haha..okay2..I almost forgot what i'm going to share with you all guys...I found an article from the ReaDer most popular nowadays ....

5 surprising reasons to get More Sleep:

It could make you thinner

-The less sleep you get,the higher your body mass index tends to be.

It could boost your memory

-Sleep plays a key role in making new memories stick in the brain.

It can fight colds,ulcers and even cancer

-Good sleep boost the immune systems

It can slow down ageing

-Persistent sleep debt affects carbohydrate metabolism and harmone function in a way 

that may increase the severity of age-relatad chronic disorder.

It could keep you orderly

-you mean it..haha

those who had read may read it again to strength your memory...gud luck yea..i have gotta end my writting!!


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