Sunday, April 8, 2012

Be yourself okay !!

Assalamualaikum ya ahlil Jannah!!

"Hah?!someone talked you at backward??
hurmm...about what??then,just tell it to me,don't worry to me,I wouldn't tell it anyone...I promise.."

Maybe you had heard the dialog from your best friend..or your close friend at the school or university...all of us have their best friend...thus family are our best friend too...right??

Okay then..lets begin my writing..
I want to specify my sharing to you especially those who called 'Best Friend' your best friend and my best friend.Yes,,we must thank them because always be the ear of the problem..I got the problem too..I will share it to my closed friends first before told it to my family because I studied at the boarding school (far from my family).You want to know,one of my dream that I want to travel as I can to gain I have to brave myself to move foward for achieving the star..haha..insyaAllah!!

I have a closed friend while at the primary school and soo nice to meet with them...yea,,there's such many similarity between us that made we always together..until the others called us "Hey,,the three friend",,(haha..old memories!!).Then so we five year together and five year also I'm far away from them because I studied at the boarding school near the town.
So..and now we meet again one of my old best friend..
what a happening happy moody meet you again that tyme...but there's something I feel rare between us..
Someone had told me that best friend at the primary school was not the real the best friend...why??
Because my friend said we still a childish that time..while at the secondary school we getting more matured and there's more memories...hurmm..I think it's true.....

Although he or she your best friend...what to say,,haa..'change' that made your friend relationship gotta break...Don't givee up's not mean it will ending just like that..Maybe each other getting matured,and live in a different lifestyle..
But..don't ever forget your friend okay...Be Yourself,An Original is Always Worth More Than a Copy..
Be the original..and practise yourself to be more better one..."useful to everyone,not useless" okay..
Tarra..I will end my writting...


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